Diving In Comino

The little sister to Malta and Gozo, Comino is the pimple of paradise sandwiched between the two more well known islands.

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Diving in Comino

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Where is Comino?

Nestled between Malta and Gozo is comino. The small island measuring a mere 3.5 square kilometers is packed with some of the most incredible dive sites found in the area. Comino’s sparse population, numbering just a handful of residents, contributes to its untouched charm.

With its stunning coastline and crystal-clear waters, the island serves as a haven for day-trippers seeking respite from the mainland. Steeped in history, Comino bears the traces of its past, from its strategic significance during World War II to the presence of medieval fortifications like the Santa Marija Tower, which stands as a sentinel to the island’s storied past. Its serene surroundings, including the renowned Blue Lagoon, have not only captured the imagination of travellers but have also played host to filmmakers and nature enthusiasts alike. As an embodiment of tranquillity and a portal to Malta’s historical narratives, Comino remains a jewel of the Mediterranean, inviting exploration and introspection within its pristine landscapes.

As with Malta and Gozo, although they speak Maltese, English is widely spoken and you will find it easy to communicate with the locals.

There are no dive centres on Comino so all dives are made via boat.

How to get to Comino?

To get to Comino you must first fly to Malta. The international airport has between 150 – 200 flights per day and flies to many large European hubs.

You can get to Comino via ferries on Malta or Gozo. Ferry ports in Malta are located in Valetta, Bugibba, Mellieha Bay, Marfa and Cirkewwa. Many of these ferrys are hop-on-hop-off services and run varied schedules all year round.

From Gozo, you can get to Comino via the ferries at Mgarr (Main harbour) or Hondoq Bay.

Remember though, to dive in Comino you’ll want to take a dive excursion with a dive centre on either Gozo or Malta that offers boat dives.

Where to stay on Comino

The last remaining hotel on Comino closed in 2019. A company has bought the land license which runs until around 2100. There are currently no plans to reopen the hotel.

Either way, we would suggest staying on either Gozo or Malta. Comino is a great little island and a great day out, but not somewhere you would want to spend a whole week.

If you’re interested in diving in Comino, speak to a dive centre that runs excursions. Our list of recommended dive centres can be found below.

When to go diving in Comino?

Diving on Comino is limited to fair-weather and calmer seas as dives are only accessible via boat. To have your best chance, opt for summer through to the end of September. Although boat tours may continue into October and November, boats start to come out of the water in preparation for the more unreliable winter weather.

Therefore, the optimum time to go diving in Comino is September. The weather’s good, the waters warm and the hotspot that is Blue Lagoon is a little calmer.

January: 14°C Air | 15°C Water
February: 14°C Air | 15°C Water
March: 15°C Air | 15°C Water
April: 18°C Air | 16°C Water
May: 22°C Air | 18°C Water
June: 26°C Air | 22°C Water
July: 30°C Air | 25°C Water
August: 30°C Air | 27°C Water
September: 27°C Air | 26°C Water
October: 23°C Air | 24°C Water
November: 19°C Air | 21°C Water
December: 16°C Air | 17°C Water

Where to go diving in Comino?

Diving in Comino has something for everyone. An increased level of fish-life, caves and tunnels, a shallow wreck and great reefs.

There is approximately 14 “official” dives sites but here’s a run-down of great sites to try (depending on both weather and ability).

P31: The only wreck close to Comino, the P31 sits upright on a sandy bottom with a maximum depth of 18m. This makes it an incredibly popular wreck with divers of all levels.

Comino Caves: Another shallow but great dive featuring underwater tunnels, arches and a shoal of friendly fish. Comino Caves has featured in the 2002 film “The Count Of Monte Cristo”.

Lantern Point: A deeper but still popular cave, reef and wall site, Lantern Point is an easy, fun dive accessible to all.

Top Comino Dive Sites


P31 Wreck

Sat upright on a sandy bottom at a max depth of 18m is the purpose-sunk patrol boat. 52m wide, this wreck is good for beginners and simple penetration.

Features: Wreck, Penetration
Difficulty: Easy
Depth: 18m – 20m Max
Access: Boat

fish, underwater, sea-5999306.jpg

Comino Caves

A great dive for an adventurer, Comino Caves features passageways, Zoro’s pass, a reef, an underwater archway and a friendly shoal of fish.

Features: Cave, Tunnel, Arch, Reef
Difficulty: Easy – Medium
Depth: 12m – 25m
Access: Boat


Lantern Point

On the corner of Comino is Lantern Point which features a drop off reef wall that snakes towards a chimney that ascends you to an 8m platform.

Features: Reef, Drop off, Wall, Chimney
Difficulty: Easy – Medium
Depth: 8m platform, 35m+ dropoff
Access: Boat

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Fish Life

Although Comino has a marginally higher number of fish, it’s not plentiful. You’ll see the common creatures such as octopus, wrasse, barracuda, reef fish, eels and groupers and, if your incredibly lucky, a Mola Mola around Lanturn point.

Cominos’s charm comes in the unique, off-the-path relaxed pace, all that’s missing is a few more fish! So, although diving in Comino won’t satisfy your fish-finding requirements, it will certainly scratch your diving itch and be a day out to remember.


The little island of Comino’s culture is the same as Gozo and Malta, all be it, a little more touristy. The island is deserted by night but full of day travellers and awash with boats of all shapes and sizes.

Food choices are limited to touristy fast-food, so make sure you eat light and fill up with fresher local delicacies when you get back to the mainland.

Blue Lagoon, the picturesque shallow sandy shelter really is a sight to behold.

Key Questions

If you’re looking for warm but not uncomfortable air, reliable weather, warmest water and a quieter island try early September. Remember, boats are removed from the water in early November so don’t leave it too late!

Reefs, walls, a shallow wreck, drop-offs, tunnels, underwater arches and more. Comino’s boat dive sites are great for all abilities.

Aside from the elusive Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) there’s very little sea-life of interest. Commonly seen are Groupers, Wrasse, Jacks & Tuna, Eels, Octopus, Lobster and Reef Fish.

Boat only. Contact Gozo or Malta dive centres to see which have excursions available. To make things simple we’ve listed the best of the best below!

Yes! Diving in Comino is a great day (or two) and is widely considered easy diving due to the boat access and shallow depths.


First qualified at 10 years old, I’m a PADI and SSI instructor, technical diver and general water enthusiast. I’ve dived and worked all over the world and aim to provide honest, open reviews of locations including information that will make your trip run smoother.

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An Honest Review

Diving in Comino is a great boat day out. A morning dive on the P31 followed by a quick bite to eat in Blue Lagoon followed by an afternoon’s dip in Comino Caves is the epitome of a perfect days diving.

As usual you’ll get honest adivce.

Don’t fly to Malta just to go diving in Comino. Make a week of it and explore all three islands making use of all the great dive sites they have to offer.

Comino is not a dive attraction, is is the cherry on the cake of a great weeks diving.

If you want some help or advice in booking your trip here, I would suggest diving a few days on Gozo, a day on Comino and a few days in Malta. That way you’ll have a great mix and a taste of everything the Maltese islands have to offer.

Dive Quality
Very Good
Fish Life
Boat Only
Overall Review
Very Good

Top Dive Centers For Comino Diving


Calypso Diving Centre

Calypso Diving Centre has been running since 1985, always with an enthusiasm to show our guests the beautiful underwater world of the Maltese islands.

Key Features:
– Nitrox
– Multi-lingual Instructors
– Rib Boat
– Dive & Accomidation Packages

Location: Marsalforn


St. Andrews Divers Cove

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, a try-diver or wanted to get certified, St Andrews multi-lingual dive-centre is the place to come and have fun.

Key Features:
– Nitrox
– Multi-lingual Instructors
– Hard Boat
– Beach Front Location

Location: Xlendi


Gozo Technical Diving

When it comes to diving, not all training is created equal. Gozo Diving, don’t rush you through your course. They develop you as a diver.

Key Features:
– Tech-Diving focused
– Multi-lingual Instructors
– Boat diving
– Multi-Federation

Location: Xewkija

Plan Your Dive Trip To Comino

There are no hotels on Comino. So, to go diving in Comino you must stay on either Gozo or Malta. We have comprehensive guides on both these locations but in brief, if you’re after a slower, more relaxed pace of life then opt for Gozo. If you’re after a busier, more bustling island, choose Malta.

Top Travel Accessories For Diving In Comino

If you purchase an item with these links the price is exactly the same however I get a small commission. This allows me to continue this website, and provide (hopefully) useful information whilst being able to support ocean-related charities. There is no sponsorship for these products, these are items I would highly recommend and use myself.

Diving Gozo & Comino – A great divebook written by a friend of mine. Dive maps mixed in with historic and cultural information.

View a snippet here.

Save your wetsuit from the sand and muck found on the floor when changing. When diving in Comino, Gozo and Malta you’ll be changing on rocks, adjacent to saltpans, or tarmac. Save yourself a whole load of hassle with a changing mat.

On a similar thread, save yourself the towel-changing-dance and grab yourself a light-weight microfibre towel to help change in and out of swimwear. Save yourself a dropped towel…

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